A group of scientists from the Institute of chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan has developed a method for producing sulfur concrete and polymer concrete from gas sulfur and industrial waste processing of this substance. This is reported by the electronic newspaper "Turkmenistan: Golden age".

The new construction and road material is a sulfur-mineral composition, which, along with fillers – quartz sand, crushed stone, dolomite – is introduced as a not cement binder, but prepared at a temperature of 145-147 degrees – sulfur binder – in which the modified elemental sulfur and waste industrial production of sulfuric acid – cake.

The patented method by which the composition is obtained involves adding to the resulting copolymer – sulfur binder or simply sulfur cement small doses of cake, and then sequentially quartz sand and other components – fillers.

The use of this method allows to speed up the technological process of preparation and forming of sulfur concrete, sulfur polymer concrete and samples of industrial and construction and road products.

Modified sulfur in concrete gives the materials high performance properties. The resulting composite has high strength, water resistance, frost resistance, thermoplastic, high adhesion during operation in road surfaces. Polymer structures improve the elasticity of materials, make them expressive colors.

The sulfur concrete manufactured by Turkmen scientists in a laboratory, has and antibacterial properties, resistant to radiation, corresponds to sanitary norms.

Sulfur is the raw material for the production of sulfuric acid at the chemical plant in Turkmenabat. And there is an acute problem of utilization and rational use of the entire volume of sulfur waste of the enterprise. In addition, in recent years, Turkmenistan has discovered and put into development a number of large reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials, which contains from 5 to 7 percent of sulfur extracted in the industrial production of petroleum products and commercial gas. Already tens of thousands of tons of gas sulfur are accumulated in gas fields.

In 2018, modern gas chemical complexes will be put into operation in Kiyanly and Ovadandepe, where natural gas will be purified from sulfur impurities. There are other companies that use in the processing gas desulfurization. With the increase in the total production of petroleum products, gas and derivatives from them, the volume of gas sulfur extracted from them will also increase. The problem of processing of non-recyclable waste of sulfuric acid production in Turkmenabat remains relevant.

Sulfur cements have advantages over Portland cement and conventional cementing and compositions, primarily strength and adhesion, as well as wear resistance. Sulfur cement for a few hours reaches the required strength. Its cost price is 1.2-1.5 times lower than that of a conventional analogue.

Concrete is used in the production of reinforced concrete piles, foundation slabs and monolithic foundations, railway and tram sleepers, road and paving slabs, curbs, road surfaces and industrial floors in chemical and food industries.

According to the scientists of the Institute of chemistry ANT, the issue of utilization and use of sulfur in the country is promising, especially for road construction enterprises. For example, in the preparation of 40% of expensive road bitumen sero-asphalt can be replaced with modified sulfur.

For the successful implementation of the new technology in the production, it is necessary to create a pilot plant for testing the conditions of industrial production of materials using sulfur gas and sulfur waste. The economic feasibility of their use in various industries, including the construction materials industry, is obvious.