The economic society “Turkmen enjan” is completing the construction of a plant for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene water and corrugated sewer pipes with a diameter of 110 to 630 millimeters, having high chemical resistance and withstanding a pressure of 10-16 atmospheres.

It is noteworthy that the raw materials for polymer pipes are being prepared to be purchased at the new gas chemical complex in the village of Kiyanly (design capacity – 386 thousand tons of polyethylene and 81 thousand tons of polypropylene per year), which will be put into operation in December this year.

Currently, the industrial base of the economic society in etrap Ak Bugday of Akhal region has three lines of German production, designed for the production of water pipes large and small diameter corrugated sewer pipe large diameter corrugated tubes of small diameter for laying electric cables.

New equipment and technologies will allow entrepreneurs to fully provide utilities and builders with popular products.

The planned production of polymer products is a new direction in the activity of the “Turkmen enjan”. For more than ten years, entrepreneurs were engaged in the supply of equipment, machinery and mechanisms to our country, as well as the construction of "turnkey" industrial facilities. Together with leading European companies, economic society participated in the reconstruction and modernization of various enterprises of the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of agriculture and water resources, as well as facilities where major foreign companies – CNPC, Zemin inşaat, GP GlobaL Equipment and others acted as general contractors.