At the Seydi Oil Refinery a reconstruction of installation on gasoline production of new generation of "Euro-5" is at the completion stage. Now on the object connection and adjustment of an automatic process control system (APCS), pressure testing of technological devices (hog still, reactionary cameras, etc.), running in of electric motors and oil pumps is conducted.

Design capacity of the catalytic reforming unit of LP-Z5-11/1000 – is 500 thousand tons of gasoline a year. Its reconstruction is performed by "WTL (FZE)" group of companies from the United Arab Emirates and "Westport Trading Europe Limited" (USA). Until the end of the current year installation on gasoline production will be put into operation.

The complex of technical solutions and measures used in the project will provide reliability, efficiency and safe operation of the object, and also environment protection. Distinctive benefits of fuel of the Euro-5 standard consist in the lowered content of sulfur and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The engines using this gasoline work more quietly, vibration decreases, the specific fuel consumption goes down, their start is facilitated, corrosion processes are prevented. Also quality of process of combustion of fuel mix in engines of cars improves and gives the chance to increase service life of working system of neutralization on exhaust gases.

Today in Turkmenistan fuel production for motor transport (gasolines and diesel fuels) is characterized by fixed improvement of ecological indicators of their quality that promotes growth of operational properties of petrols, oil, lubricants and increase of reliability in operation of automotive vehicles. This tendency is caused by need of increase in competitiveness of domestic fuel and lubricants in the international market, and also the growing requirements to an ecological safety of motor transport.