Providing high-quality drinking water to the population of Turkmenistan, confident steps approaching the 25th anniversary of the State independence, is one of the priority directions of social policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. An example of successful implementation of the urgent tasks in the Balkan region demonstrate the specialists of the expedition "Balkanhydrogeology" of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology."

In the first half of 2016, the company's employees with the help of drilling rigs, mounted on powerful cars, completed drilling 44 wells, having mastered about three million manat investment. Net income for the company reached 650 thousand manats, which is a worthy indicator of an effective work team.

Currently, the staff of the expedition, along with clarification of groundwater conduct exploratory research in relation to iodine waters in some parts of Balkan region, including Turkmenbashi, Serdar, Bereket, Etrex  and Magtymguly districts. Drilling operations are carried out with five installations equipped on the vehicles.

The main work is aimed at ensuring farms underground drinking waters, to increase provision of water to agricultural fields and pastures of the Western regions. Field drilling crews of the enterprise in different parts of Western province are drilling with the help of high quality equipment. The depth of each drilled well is 70 to 400 meters.

The number completed in the first half of the work: studies of debris and underground drinking slightly salty water on the area of the top of the Sumbar, hydrogeological studies between Khodgigala and Dayhan villages, Hudayberdi and Akguy, determination and drinking slightly salty water underground deposits of Ushak, the study of industrial water in areas of Gaular, Sinjov and Etrek, definition and reserve estimation of the salt layers in the small bay Gurgusum in Garabogazgol, studies of wells with thermal water on the area Garachagyl etc.

During this period, the company conducted 3435 meters, mechanical-drilling, 9 per cent higher than the planned figures. The drilling crews of the expedition successfully carried out drilling of wells on the order of peasant associations districts of the Balkan region.

Established repair and installation work around the underground lake for drinking water Yasa the control of the water supply of the State Concern "Turkmennebit". In the near future it is planned to drill wells, are designed for the needs of the economy Jebel production Association "Turkmendashlary" Ministry of industry of Turkmenistan.

Hydrogeologists companies intend to provide sufficient potable and industrial water in settlements of the Balkan region. These days they continue the successful work on search of underground waters, the refinement of their stocks, and the exploitation of the finished wells.