The Chinese government isn't going to freeze construction of the fourth gas pipeline "Central Asia — China" and hopes that the future of this project will be defined already soon. The Tashkent Sputnik Internet portal reports about it with reference to the vice-secretary of department for Central Asia of the Ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China  Luo Wei Dong.

Earlier in a number of media there was information that China considers the possibility of temporary freezing of construction of the fourth gas pipeline "Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – China".

"This gas pipeline is very important for China and all Central Asia. It is among the largest projects within an initiative of "An economic belt of the Silk way" and will allow to provide development of long-term cooperation of China with the states of the region. It will be used for supply of gas in the southern and central part of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. Therefore we hope for acceleration of this project" — has noted Luo Wei Dong.

Three constructed and operating gas pipelines are a successful example of mutually beneficial cooperation of the countries of the region, the interlocutor has emphasized. He has also noted that today it is difficult to present some regions of Celestial Empire without Central Asian gas. So, according to him, Beijing uses natural gas from Central Asia today.

The new line of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline with a general extent about 1 thousand kilometers will allow to bring its general capacities to 85 billion cubic meters. Extent of the Uzbek site will make about 200 kilometers which construction is estimated at 800 million dollars, notes the edition.

As earlier representatives of "Uzbekneftegaz" declared to the Sputnik edition, the preliminary feasibility study on the project of construction of the Uzbek part of a thread will be ready not earlier than the end of 2016. The edition also notes that Turkmen gas will be the main source of filling of the pipeline.

Construction of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline, has begun in July, 2008, its first stage has been put into operation in December, 2009. At the moment its total length — about 7 thousand kilometers, the power of three branches — 55 billion cubic meters. It is one of the most extended gas pipelines in the world, emphasizes the Sputnik Internet portal.