In the seaside city Turkmenbashi three houses constructed by request of Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries have been put into operation.

On the occasion of the significant event vice-chairmen of the Cabinet, representatives of region and city administration, public organizations, honourable elders, youth have participated in celebrations. The audience has expressed deep warm gratitude to the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for his continued care of increase of welfare of citizens of Turkmenistan, creation of optimum conditions for fruitful work and comfortable life of people.

According to priorities of the social policy pursued by the Head of the state today in the capital and in regions intensive housing construction, in which the enterprises of fuel and energy complex, other ministries and departments of the country actively participate, is conducted. New convenient houses in a complex with various objects providing practically any service for residents have already appreciated thousands of new settlers.

So, in the 4-storey 48-apartment house of the improved planning built in the seaside city by request of TCOR 8 two-room, 24 three-room and 16 four-room apartments with all conveniences and with open loggias are located.

In each of two 12-storey 72-apartment houses of the increased comfort there are 24 three-room, 26 four-room and 22 five-room apartments with a useful area, respectively, 159, 197 and 220 square meters equipped with climate systems. Kitchens and halls are equipped with modern household appliances and completed with the corresponding furniture. On each landing three apartments are located. Entrances of "skyscrapers" are equipped with elevators, and also ramps for convenience of physically disabled people and young mothers with baby carriages. In first floors of houses for residents utility rooms are provided.

In the well-planned yards of 12-storey buildings objects of autonomous life support are built, equipped vacation spot and parkings, sports and children's playgrounds, the one-storey buildings from glass concrete intended for ritual actions are built.

The opening ceremony of the new houses built on Rukhyet and Bakhra Hazar's streets has poured out on the real holiday  – the folklore, vocal and choreographic and dramatized compositions, where original national traditions and customs have also found the embodiment, have become the gem of the day.

And of course, this day was especially remembered to happy new settlers who have expressed to the Leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sincere gratitude for unrelenting attention to questions of improvement of domestic conditions of citizens of Turkmenistan, every possible care of wellbeing of the people.

Among the residents who have received keys from the new apartment, is also Azerbaijani family of Kerimov. The head – Hudayar Kerimov – works on TCOR more than thirty four years. Here also other members of this family work, constituting, thus, the whole labor dynasty. And we can by the right be proud of the fact that on the Turkmen land as a big close-knit family in peace representatives of different nationalities work. Finds the bright embodiment in it the creative policy pursued by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in which fundamentals the principles of neighborliness, friendship, a brotherhood and mutual respect, from time immemorial inherent in mentality of the Turkmen people are underlain.

It should be noted that along with construction of modern industrial facilities, only for the last four years on TCOR five apartment houses, in total, on 162 apartments were leased. Besides, four kindergartens expected visit of 960 kids were opened. Now for petrochemists the 24-apartment house and the three-block residential town for 52 apartments have been built.

In general, all this is a bright example of successful implementation of creative policy of the President of Turkmenistan which essence is brightly expressed in the foreign bill "The State — for the Person!"