Drillers of drilling department of "Korpedzhe" of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" have successfully exceeded the plan of drilling operations of the first half of the year. At the plan providing prospecting and development drilling of 35 thousand 631 meters for January-June there has been drilled wells of 48 thousand 998 meters in depth.

Thus, six months on drilling of wells employees of management exceeded the plan for 37,5 percent. As a result the volume of superplanned drilling of wells has made 13 thousand 367 meters.

As it was reported at the Cabinet Council of Ministers of Turkmenistan devoted to summing up social and economic development of the country in six months of this year, in general the enterprises of the oil and gas complex exceeded the plan on drilling of wells for 22,7 percent.

High rates of superplanned prospecting and development drilling mean emergence of new highly productive oil and gas wells which will provide production of additional volumes of hydrocarbon raw materials. And it is one of the priority tasks set by the President of Turkmenistan for employees of fuel and energy complex of the country.